SACOT Mission

SACOT is an organization created to help spread STEM through advocacy in local and state governments of Texas. SACOT was created for two very important reasons: to improve the future of students and improve the future of Texas. SACOT brings together like-minded high school STEM students throughout Texas to advocate for increased government support for STEM-aligned educational activities. SACOT seeks to provide support, training, and resources to give these students an effective voice as they advocate at both the state and local levels.

Why SACOT Now?

The number of STEM jobs is growing dramatically, and is projected to grow by 17% from 2008 to 2018, nearly double the percentage of the growth of non-STEM related jobs. With STEM occupations being one of the fastest growing occupations, it’s important to increase awareness and funding for STEM related programs. Now is the time to advocate for funding for STEM programs at the local and state level.