November 15, 2017

SACOT on the Clock for November was amazing! SACOT on the Clock allocates ten minutes of in class robotics time once every month to SACOT activities. This month, members found their local state representative or local state senator. They then emailed their respective senator/representative, using our SACOT email template, inviting them to attend their program’s respective competition.

October 18, 2017

SACOT on the Clock for October was fantastic! SACOT on the Clock allocates ten minutes of in class robotics time once every month to SACOT activities. Members were able to read up on the SACOT membership drive and go through our “adoption” process. SACOT “adoption” is essentially where individual SACOT members can take ownership of getting an FRC team signed up for SACOT. With adopting these teams, members then sent emails to the “adopted” teams using our SACOT email template.

September 12, 2017

SACOT on the Clock for September was a huge success! SACOT on the Clock allocates ten minutes of in class robotics time once every month to SACOT activities. Designed to encourage SACOT engagement for all standard members, SACOT on the Clock is a time-efficient and structured method of participation. The Executive Committee releases a schedule with a ten minute activity planned for each month. The goal is to have every SACOT team and member participate during either a robotics class at school, meetings after school, or at home. We were able to get some new SACOT members signed up and educated on the mission of SACOT as well as completing some polls. And for existing members, it gave them an opportunity to reconnect and re-familiarize themselves with the new website design.

January 21, 2017 - January 23, 2017

The first day of the conference was just a half-day, with our main focus on the panel. The panel consisted of Representative Donna Howard, Caroline Joiner, Dr. Leonard, and Michael Blair from Representative Kevin Roberts’s office, and who all proved to be very helpful in answering questions. We also had a brief recap of the basics of SACOT before ending the day.

To start off the second day of the conference, one of our SACOT Executive Committee members gave an informative presentation called Texas Government 101, which explained the basics of the Texas government system. After that, we had our Membership Coordinator talk about the amazing membership growth since the last conference (~300!) and what we can do to improve our numbers. We also had the amazing opportunity to hear from Representative Paul Workman and Ray Almgren (Chairman of FIRST in Texas) talk about the importance of STEM education in their respective fields. Then to top off the day, we taught members how to pitch and advocate to the legislators they would meet the next day.

All of Monday was devoted to legislator meetings. We were able to speak with 20 Senators and Representatives and continue to spread the idea of SACOT in the state government. Overall, we were very pleased with how the meetings turned out!

Inaugural Annual Conference Handouts

October 23, 2016 - October 24, 2016

Today is the first day of the Founders Conference! We kicked off the conference with a welcome speech, outlining the overall schedule for the next two days. After an inspiring speech from our SACOT president, we introduced Mr. Ray Almgren, chairman of FIRST in Texas, to speak. Throughout the day, we were also honored to have Evan Smith and Team 2468’s Coach Norman Morgan as keynote speakers. Additionally, we had several informational presentations, which caught up all our members on the basics of SACOT, Texas Government, and SACOT’s website. To end off our day, we took part in both a platform working session and a membership working session, to establish our main goals and brainstorm ways to recruit more members. After the day ended, we headed over to Scholz’s Garden for a fun party and team bonding. Overall, today was a success and we all had a blast!

We started our day off early with our final two amazing keynote speakers—Representative Donna Howard and John Howard from Dell’s Government Affairs Office. Since today was the day we were meeting with legislators, we had a quick pitching and advocacy presentation before we broke off into our meeting groups to prepare. Then we were off! All of our members got the chance to meet and speak with several legislators. It was really interesting to see how engrossed some legislators were with our presentation.

Founders Conference Handouts